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Over the years I have been fortunate to have had some wonderful things said about me so I thought that I would list a few of them here.

Mary Kay:

"I had my first skin care consultation with Belinda in December 2012. I was a little apprehensive but Belinda immediately made me feel very comfortable. During the session Belinda showed me through various Mary Kay products, I didn't feel at all pressurised and was very taken with Belinda's frank and honest attitude. I was thrilled with the make up Belinda used on me and went ahead and purchased almost all of it! The products are gentle, very long lasting and very easy to apply... I won't be using any other make up cosmetics and am looking forward to all of the new products Mary Kay launches! I would highly recommend booking a consultation with Belinda, she's very accommodating and one of the funniest and knowledgeable make up artists I have ever met... I promise you will not be disappointed! Thanks Belinda x"


"I had a wonderful time with Belinda, who taught me how to look after my skin and make me feel fabulous. Belinda was wonderfully welcoming and helpful. After leaving Belinda's with my new look, so many people commented on how beautiful I looked, something which I had never experienced!! I would recommend Belinda to everyone, she was fantastic and really 'pazzazed me'!"



"A fun way to exercise and dance, even for non dancers"

"I know not of a more passionate and enthusiastic woman who loves enpowering her class participants! She works us hard, but we always leave smiling!"

"First time here, but I really enjoyed myself! Very exhilarating and fun. I would definately recommend it."

"Belinda is a great motivator, her classes are always a joy. I attend Salsafit and Circuit training and leave both classes feeling I have had a really good work-out. The atmosphere is always fun and friendly."

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